Superior to Synthetics
Don't Mess with Mother Nature

At PULSE Activewear, we make running and fitness apparel made from Merino wool because of its inherent, high-performance qualities...and because it simply feels better.

Wicks Perspiration and Breathes

  • Merino wool can wick 35% of its weight in sweat away from you, enhancing your body’s own cooling system.
  • Merino wool breathes, meaning it absorbs and evaporates sweat. Synthetics inherently do not absorb sweat.
  • Merino wool’s wicking and evaporative traits work together, cooling your body as air passes over the fabric.
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Adapts to Temperature Changes and Provides Excellent Sun Protection

  • Merino wool maintains a micro-climate next to the skin that helps regulate your body temperature by insulating you from heat or cold air, making it ideal for all seasons and dynamic weather conditions.
  • PULSE Activewear’s Merino wool naturally provides UPF 50+ protection from the sun, keeping you healthy.

Resists Body Odor

  • Merino wool fiber is a protein based structure (keratin) whose scaly surface carries no charge, making it resistant to odor producing bacteria, and keeps you fresh. Synthetics, on the other hand, inherently attract and trap odor producing bacteria that cannot be washed out and continue to collect bacteria whenever you sweat.
  • Merino wool fiber’s ability to absorb and evaporate moisture enable it to flush out odors from its core.

Maintains Performance, Feels T-shirt Soft, and Washes Easily

  • Merino wool’s performance properties never fade or wash away. Chemical finishes applied to synthetics tend to diminish with every wash, with some losing their performance in as few as 12 washes.
  • A human hair strand is 314% thicker than the super fine Merino wool fiber used in PULSE Activewear’s apparel, resulting in a cottony fabric that does not irritate your skin.
  • PULSE Activewear uses lightweight Merino wool that is comparable in weight to the leading synthetics.
  • Merino wool easily adapts to your movements and stretches up to 50% when wet and rebounds into shape.
  • PULSE Activewear’s Merino wool apparel are machine washable and hang or tumble dry low.
  • PULSE Activewear designs, fits, tests and manufactures their apparel in the USA.