Temperature Control
Keeping You at the Right Temperature

When it comes to regulating body temperature, Merino wool is naturally superior. Merino wool is active, meaning that it reacts to changes in one's body temperature to keep you warm when you’re cold but release heat and moisture when you’re hot. Synthetics like polyester are totally passive and simply provide a layer over your skin. Merino wool fiber buffers the body’s microclimate in changing conditions, maintaining comfort. Merino wool fiber has the added benefit that as it absorbs moisture, such as from a cool, damp environment, the fibers release a small but perceptible amount of heat. This heat is known as ‘heat of sorption’ and is generated through a chemical reaction that occurs when the water vapour binds to the chemical structure of the Merino fiber. This acts to prevent the chilling of the wearer. It is the original 'intelligent' fiber.