Odor Resistance
Taking the Stink Out of Your Fitness Apparel

Naturally, we sweat. Unfortunately, with sweat comes bad BO (body odor). As many of you have experienced, commonly available polyester fitness clothes do not help with this side-effect at all, in fact in many instances, it makes the odor problem worse! Perhaps one of the biggest contributors of bad BO is polypropylene - whoa!! To combat this characteristic of synthetics, company's often will coat the synthetic fibers with a chemical to help fight odor causing bacteria. In other words, manufacturers resort to coating processed, synthetic fibers with powerful chemicals and then weave these fibers into synthetic fabrics (e.g., polyester), which in turn are made into fitness apparel. Now doesn't all of that chemically processed stuff sound cozy to have against your skin, especially when you are exercising and working up a sweat?

On the other side of the fence is a more straight-forward, naturally driven approach that we at PULSE Activewear prefer when manufacturing fitness apparel - simply use Merino wool. Merino wool's natural anti-microbial properties are simply amazing. The key is that nature provides all the answers to fight our stench - and not some extra chemical finishing process. In fact, (and we don't recommend trying this if you are regularly around other people) one of our competitive athletes put one of our prototype Merino wool undershirts thru an intense "stink test". He wore our undershirt during his hot, sweaty workouts for 6 consecutive days without washing it. After 6 days, the undershirt was covered with salt stains from his sweat, yet the undershirt did not stink! This was personally verified by a once-skeptical, independent third-party volunteer who drew a short straw.

So what's the secret? Each tiny Merino fiber consists of a multitude of overlapping scales, which coupled to the high level of moisture absorption provide a poor environment for bacterial growth. Bacteria tend to be attracted to smooth positively charged surfaces like those of synthetic fibers or even cotton, rather than the scaly, neutrally charged surface of the Merino fiber.

Simply put, Merino wool is naturally driven to fight bad body odor!