Premium Performance and Luxurious Softness

PULSE Activewear's PrimaSoft™ fabric is made with the world's finest New Zealand Merino wool. Our Merino wool suppliers are Zque™ accredited, to ensure the highest quality and consistency of Merino fiber, while ensuring animal health and welfare and preserving our environment. PrimaSoft is woven with super fine Merino wool fiber, resulting in a luxuriously soft fabric. The premium Merino wool used in PrimaSoft delivers unparalleled performance in the areas of moisture wicking and odor resistance. This basically means that no matter how hard you push yourself when exercising, PrimaSoft will keep pace with you by wicking away your sweat and keeping you from smelling offensive, unlike commonly found synthetic fitness apparel. PrimaSoft is highly elastic and responds to changes in your body temperature, providing you with exceptional comfort and enabling you to perform at your best. For the ultimate in fitness apparel, look for garments made with PULSE Activewear's PrimaSoft.

Zque is a trademark of The New Zealand Merino Company Limited.