PULSE Activewear
Naturally driven.™

At PULSE Activewear, we source the finest Merino wool from animal and environmentally friendly suppliers to create premium comfort, high performance running and fitness apparel. As expressed in our ethos, we design apparel for the discriminating athlete striving for peak health and performance. Our naturally-based apparel outperforms synthetics, is super soft to the touch, and is better for the environment.

We are located in Denver, Colorado, where we are able to put our apparel through rigorous field testing using elite athletes before finalizing on our designs and patterns. We also manufacture all of our apparel in the USA in order for us to manage tight quality controls. However, we look worldwide when it comes to sourcing nature's finest materials because simply, the best materials are not always found here in the US. Our philosophy is to focus our product lines on essential pieces and make them the best, as opposed to having a broad product line with mediocre quality. Our approach has enabled us to develop exceptionally fine, naturally-based fitness apparel that meets the performance demands of the most driven athletes, yet designed and patterned to be extremely comfortable and stylish for everyone.

We love to hear from you. The best way we can continue to improve our products is to listen to you. So we highly encourage you to contact us and give us any of your feedback, both good and bad. In the meantime, put on your naturally-based PULSE Activewear and stay fit!