Easy Care
Ideal Properties for the Busy Person

Merino wool has natural properties that lend itself to easy care and low maintenance. To begin with, the surface properties of Merino fiber enable spills to be easily wiped away before causing permanent staining. Soil particles don’t ‘stick’ to the garment through electrical charge like synthetics.

Also, Merino’s moisture absorbing characteristics contribute to excellent wrinkle recovery of fabrics and garments, especially through the application of steam.  So if you find yourself on the road and you pull out your PULSE Activewear fitness clothes and they are too wrinkled for your liking, simply do the old travel trick of hanging your clothes in the bathroom and take a hot shower. The steam from the shower will relax and smooth out the wrinkles.

Finally, unlike synthetics, Merino wool naturally, and extremely effectively, fights odors. This means fewer washings are required, which is extremely beneficial when you are traveling and your ability to do laundry is very limited. Also, because of Merino's high ability to evaporate moisture, if you have to do laundry while traveling, simply wash your apparel in a sink and hang dry it. This will leave you with clean clothes very quickly, and as mentioned previously, wrinkle-free too!