Naturally Better for Our Environment

Every year Merino sheep produce a new fleece, making Merino wool a renewable fiber, unlike synthetic fibers which are manufactured. It is durable when in use, yet recyclable and biodegradable at the end of its life cycle. Its natural proteins will completely break down with environmental exposure into organic carbon and return to the environment in years to come. When a natural Merino wool fiber is disposed of it takes only a few years to decompose. Most synthetics on the other hand, are extremely slow to degrade.

Furthermore, in our pursuit for the world's finest Merino wool, we look for environmentally and animal welfare conscious suppliers. Our Merino wool suppliers are Zque
accredited, ensuring that our New Zealand Merino wool fiber source is traceable and sustainable with high animal welfare criteria, management of the environment, stewardship of the land and socially responsible practices. Our Merino wool is produced in free range farming systems, which are animal and environment friendly. Our selected suppliers use farms that are chosen for their commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability in farm management practices, as well as the superb quality of their Merino wool. At PULSE Activewear, we partner with suppliers who are dedicated to environmentally friendly fabric manufacturing and finishing processes, to ensure our fabrics remain a sustainable and biodegradable resource.

Zque is a trademark of The New Zealand Merino Company Limited.